Rules and Regulations for the Production and Sale of ARP Goods

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Fanmade Goods

  • We do not support or condone the use of ARP goods (hereinafter referred to as "Official") in a rental business. ARP is not responsible or liable for any loss, damage, or dispute that may be incurred.
  • We do not allow producing fanmade goods for commercial purposes. However, the production of light goods, such as keychains, cards, etc., for giveaways is allowed.
  • Mass production of fanmade goods or products even for personal use could affect our brand and business. The quantity of fanmade goods products created cannot exceed 10 units/item.
  • We do not allow for any use, editing, or modification of Official goods, property, or assets to produce Fanmade goods in any circumstances. (For example, using Official images to produce goods.)
  • Trading and selling Official goods are allowed. However, ARP is not responsible or liable for any loss, damage, or dispute that may be incurred. - We do not allow the production of goods that are similar in design

Standee Production 1:1 Scale (Life Size)

- ARP will consider each case individually according to your purposes. You can contact us for more information or permission to do so. However, any direct use or modification of Official source materials used in Fanmade goods is not allowed. The word "Fanmade/Not for Sale" must be visible on the product.

The reasons we do not allow producing and selling Fanmade goods, such as keychains and postcards, are as follows:

  • We already sell those products.
  • We cannot control the content, concepts, or quality of Fanmade goods, which can cause misunderstandings and a negative impact on Vtubers and brands.

Publishing (Doujin or Fanfiction)

  • Publishing and selling books are allowed with a maximum amount of 500 prints/cover.
  • Digital form of a printed book or eBook is not allowed to sell.
  • Artists/Writers are allowed to accept donations, but pay-to-unlock features are not allowed.
  • R18+ works are not allowed for commercial purposes due to Section 28 of Thai Criminal Code.


  • Making, ordering, or buying cosplay costumes for commercial purposes is allowed (cosplay contests, rental costumes, etc.), however the income cannot exceed 20,000 Thai Baht.
  • We do not support or condone using Official products, including our Official designs such as Orion Collection T-Shirt, in a costume rental business, which is a copyright infringement. ARP is not responsible or liable for any loss, damage, or dispute that may be incurred.


  • Commissioning or taking commissions from Vtubers are allowed (commissioning artworks, writing novels, etc.)

Membership Only Highlights and Clips

  • We allow editing highlight videos from any public live streams which will be archived for member only videos at the end. However, the videos cannot be longer than 30 seconds.
  • We do not allow making highlight videos or clips from member-only live streams in any circumstances.

Rules and Regulations of Roleplay in Other Platforms

  • Roleplaying can cause misunderstandings and a negative impact on our Vtubers and brands, so we do not allow roleplay in any circumstances.

FAQ (Frequently asked Questions)

Q: Would newly released roleplay regulations affect writing fanfiction?

Not at all. You can continue to write fanfiction as long as it complies with our guidelines.

The new regulations were put in place due to the circumstances where our Vtubers' images and names were being used widely in TikTok, Instagram, and Twitter in an impersonating nature. This can cause misunderstandings and have a negative impact on our Vtubers and brands.

Q: Fanmade Goods for personal use (not giveaway).

We changed from the minimum order quantity to 10 units/ item since many suppliers/shops might have different minimum requirements.

Q: Can we do giveaways but charge shipping fees?

Yes. As long as both parties agree to do so.

Q: The total income cannot exceed THB 20,000. Does this amount already exclude costs?

This amount is the total income without deducting costs and taxes.

Q: If Vtuber has several versions/costumes, does that count as one character still?

Even if there are several versions/costumes, we would still count as the one.

For example, the total income from Dacapo (original) + Dacapo (Black) + Dacapo (White) cannot exceed THB 20,000.

This announcement remains valid from 16 May 2023 until further notice.